Haiti – Insecurity: Clifford Brandt arrested for involvement in a network of kidnapper

Clifford Brandt, son of a wealthy Haitian family was arrested by the national police in a kidnapping case where he participated in the kidnapping of two children in two family members Moscosso (Coralie and Nicolas) last October, according to a police source.

“Yes Clifford Brandt was arrested. He is currently in detention at the Directorate of Judicial Police (DCPJ),” said Tuesday the spokesman of the National Police announced the opening of an investigation.

According to Frantz Lerebours reached by telephone, Clifford Brandt did not deny his involvement in the kidnapping last October 16 Coralie and Nicolas Moscoso, two children from a Haitian entrepreneur.

The kidnapping was carried out on the road Bourdon, informed the police.

“The mobile abduction of the children Moscoso are not known, but it could be done in order to make money. Anyway a criminal investigation is underway,” said Frantz Lerebours not very talkative on this matter .

According to Reginald Delva, Secretary of State for Public Security, the alleged Kidnapper is confessed and acknowledged to have played a leading role in the kidnapping.

Senior members of the police and former police officers whose the former Inspector Edner Comé actively sought, are part of this powerful network of criminals that operated throughout the country, said Reginald Delva.




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