Haiti – Justice: The lawyer of Clifford Brandt denies any involvement in...

Haiti – Justice: The lawyer of Clifford Brandt denies any involvement in the kidnapping


The lawyer of Clifford Brandt and former Minister of Justice, Mr. Calixte Delatour, pretend to deny any involvement of his client in any case of kidnapping. This scenario does not apply to Clifford Brandt, a businessman, a member of one of the richest families in Haiti.

He is indignant that the authorities have not taken care to specify the reasons for the detention, taking into account the facts. In Haiti abduction is not a kidnapping, he explains, recalling that the kidnappers realize their plans to ransom.

It also made clear that his client Clifford Brandt has been quite violent within a settling of accounts. If he blame his violence, Mr. Delatour is willing to say that he is aware. However, in the case of kidnapping, the lawyer said he doubts this fort.

Questioned about the plan to assassinate the Secretary of State for Public Security, Mr. Delatour argued that investigation should prove the interest of his client to commit such a crime. He rejects these accusations, pointing out that the mobile can not in any case be identical.

The defense lawyers expect the definition of expenses by the Government Commissioner to the Court of First Instance of Port-au-Prince. The police spokesman Frantz Lerebours, said the case will be sent in the best time to judicial authorities.





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