Haiti – Social: The President Michel Martelly decreed 2013 years of environmental

Michel MartellyThe year 2013 was declared “Year of the Environment” by President Michel Martelly during his official speech in Gonaives to commemorate the 209th anniversary of Haiti’s independence. He invited every Haitian to plant a tree during the year.

Speaking on the Place d’Armes in Gonaives, where there are more than two centuries, the founding fathers signed the national independence, Michel Martelly called on Haitians to come together to rehabilitate the country’s environment.

The president also promised to boost the national production to make the country self-sufficient in 70% by the end of his mandate.

“During the three years I have left, I will focus on that goal,” said Michel Martelly recalling that he was chosen by my constituents to bring change in the country.

“We have five times our forces to change the living conditions of the population, this is my warrant,” he said.

The president on the other hand stressed the need to maintain order in the country to advance democracy.

“Peace is the first condition to attract investors in the country. Those who push you to create problems that are enemies of the country and the enemies of the people,” said the head of state.




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